Furniture Guide: Children's Chests

Kids' Bedroom Chest of Drawers

As your kid grows, so will their wardrobe. To keep their room from becoming a mess, purchase a children's chest of drawers from Rooms To Go.

Numerous colors and models are available when selecting a kids chest of drawers. Get a piece with three drawers for an only child or choose one with five or more for kids to share. Between the sturdy wood construction and easy-to-use French dovetail joints, your children's chest of drawers will still look fresh after years of use.

A children's chest of drawers should fit the personality of your kid, which is why we carry many styles. From modern pieces with crisp white finishes to rustic models with shuttered panel doors, there's something for everyone. Oftentimes, a kids chest of drawers designed for girls includes embellished moulding details or features small compartments for makeup and jewelry. A children's chest of drawers made for boys will often include straight lines and brushed nickel finished hardware.

Rooms To Go children's chest of drawers don't skimp on value. To keep your kid safe, these pieces are made with rounded edges. They're also designed to fit seamlessly into your child's bedroom decor. Still, when they have no use for it once they're grown, you can easily move your kids chest of drawers to a guest room or use it as additional storage anywhere in the house. No matter what you decide to use it for, a children's chest of drawers from Rooms To Go provides years of sturdy storage.

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