Furniture Guide: Kids' Rooms

Rooms for Kids

When you're searching for rooms for kids with the perfect look for your child's bedroom, it?s important to remember the very special and unique personality of your child. At Rooms To Go, we specialize in offering rooms for kids that are fun, safe and durable. Our rooms for kids offer the same quality craftsmanship, durability, and seamless room coordination that we've come to be known for with our adult furniture.

Rooms for kids can made up of any combination of a bed, dresser and nightstand really. For young rooms for kids, the bed would be replaced with a crib or a bassinette. Beds in toddler's rooms for kids, are often lower to the ground and twin size. Some parents go ahead and invest in a full size, or a double bed, in their rooms for kids, as soon as their child moves out of the crib, so they do not have to buy them a new bed years down the road.

Rooms for boys and girls are often very different. Boys need a lot of space to play, so remember to give them that when choosing furniture for your rooms for kids. Little girls love pretty things, so remember to choose soft pinks, purples, or even blue and flowers for girls' rooms.

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