Furniture Guide: Kids Armoires

Kids Armoires

If you're looking for stylish yet versatile storage space, kids armoires from Rooms To Go are the perfect solution. Whether concealing a TV or tucking away clothes and bedding, these pieces offer everything you love about adult armoires in a size perfect for your child.

Multi-functional and stylish, kids armoires can organize an entire wardrobe with ease. They are tailored to suit the needs of your child, including open cubbies just as suited for displaying favorite trinkets as they are for putting blankets and stuffed animals within easy reach. These pieces also offer more style than a simple chest of drawers, often creating an sophisticated statement with embellishments, mirrored panels, and carving details.

Still, the playful tone of their design doesn't mean function is forgotten. Many kids armoires include removable clothing rods, adjustable shelves, and divided shoe slots. Hardware-free drawers offer versatile storage possibilities, perfect for socks, undergarments, and folded clothes. Kids armoires may also include special features designed to make organizing fun for kids such as corkboard panels for pictures, necklace hooks, or felt-lined accessory trays perfect for jewelry.

Kids armoires are a smart choice for your child's bedroom that remains relevant to their changing style tastes. Young kids and older teens alike can enjoy these pieces' classic look with a contemporary edge. Even after your child has moved out of their room, their kids armoire can still make an elegant addition to a guest room or any corner that needs some extra storage.

In finishes from natural to bold and styles from traditional to modern, there is a kids armoire to suit everyone available at Rooms To Go. Choose from a variety of storage features to best fit your child's needs, keeping in mind how drawers, trays, and organizers may be able to take on different uses at different ages. With our wide variety of stylish options, you're sure to find a kids armoire that will make the perfect addition to your home.

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