Furniture Guide: Child Sleigh Bed Trundle

Kids' Bedroom Sleigh Bed Trundle

If your child needs a new bed, look no further than Rooms To Go's child sleigh bed trundles. After all, there's a reason it's one of our most popular designs. Kids love the playful sleigh style, while parents appreciate the timeless look because it lasts well into young adulthood.

The extra features on our child sleigh trundle beds include a pull-out mattress underneath the bed, perfect for slumber parties. The space can also be converted for storage if necessary. Having this kind of flexibility is what makes our kids sleigh trundle beds such a great choice for families. Some options on Rooms To Go even allow for height expansion, and they all have durable construction to last for years.

The best thing about kids sleigh bed trundles is that they're safe. Designed without sharp edges, these pieces ensure that rowdy kids won't end up with scratches and scrapes. Each of our child sleigh bed trundles is crafted from wood solids and holds up even after years of use.

Going to bed will never be a chore for any child who has a kids sleigh trundle bed. Youngsters will feel like royalty commanding their bedroom or imagine themselves as ship captains departing on the sea of their dreams. This will allow them to rest easily in their child sleigh trundle bed. Not only will children be pleased, but parents will be happy to bring such a stylish and classy piece into their homes.

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