Furniture Guide: Child Dresser

Child Dresser

Dressers are an essential part of any child's bedroom. You'll want to pick a sturdy piece with plenty of drawers to keep your kid's clothes, books, and games off the floor and organized. Partnered with a mirror, our child dressers bring you one step closer to completing your little one's room. We're confident you'll find the right child dresser from Rooms To Go.

Made with a child's height in mind, a child dresser allows for easy access to clothes tucked away in drawers. Get an early start teaching them cleanliness and organization without skimping on style. Each one of our kids dressers is beautiful and easily paired with the existing decor.

Our functional child dressers are available in a variety of themes and styles. No matter if your kid has simple tastes or prefers something with flair, we have the piece that'll please both them and you. With fun features like cork boards that let them tack up pictures of friends, each kids dresser lets your child add their own personality to their room.

So you don't have to fear for their safety, our child dressers come with rounded corners. The parents get peace of mind, while the children still enjoy playful decor. Thanks to the options at Rooms To Go, your new kids dresser might come with a heart-shaped, oval, or rectangular mirror.

As children grow, so must their furniture. Kids' dressers should be carefully selected in order to be appropriate for younger ages yet last well into adolescence. The best part of Rooms To Go's selection of child dressers is that there are always matching nightstands, bookcases, and beds available, too.

Kids often take their childhood furniture with them when they move away. Choosing a child dresser from Rooms To Go Kids ensures that they'll have a sturdy and chic piece to rely on. With a variety of classic designs and stains, our kids dressers never go out of style.


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