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picture of Jaxx® Frog Bean Bag
 from Seating Furniture


picture of Jaxx® Frog Bean Bag
 from Seating Furniture

Every child needs a super cute sidekick, ready for whatever adventures the day has in store. Filled with environmentally friendly repurposed furniture grade foam, Jaxx Critters are extremely lightweight and portable, allowing children to tote them from room to room or even to friend's house for a sleep over!
Now the most comfy seat in the house will only be a hop, skip and jump away with the Jaxx Frog. It's filled with repurposed furniture grade foam, making it a child's personal lily pad for just about any activity imaginable. Great for gaming, napping, or just bouncing around, the Jaxx Frog is sure to be a treasured possession.

Jaxx® Frog Bean Bag


Bean Bag

Jaxx® Frog Bean Bag

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