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Disney Pirates Bedroom Furniture


Disney princesses get all the love. They literally sing and dance their way into love and live happily ever after. Handsome princes pursue them, woodland creatures help them, and magic fairies empower them, but not everyone appreciates the predictability of princess life. For those people, we have pirates. Perfectly capturing the adventurous spirit of life on the high seas, our pirate-themed furniture at Rooms To Go effortlessly brings your Disney room ideas to life. We offer an exciting collection of licensed Disney Pirates room decor that embodies the boisterous, independent nature of your child. Because not all of us are princesses; some of us are pirates.

Designed to reflect the essence of the buccaneer lifestyle, our pirate pieces infuse any Disney kids room with seafaring imagery and swashbuckling style. Many of our Disney Pirates selections feature details like decorative portholes and richly finished wood paneling evocative of traditional pirate ships. Ample storage space contained in much of our pirate-inspired furniture allows you to stow away your treasures safely and fashionably. Whether you want to complement your current decor with exciting flair or transform an entire bedroom into a pirate paradise, we have Disney Pirates room themes to inspire you at Rooms To Go.

Our selection of Disney Pirates room decorations includes seafaring designs for the adventurers, thrill seekers, and risk takers in life. Delight your baby buccaneer today with one of our exquisitely crafted Disney Pirates bedroom pieces. Here at Rooms To Go, we know some people would rather be treated like a pirate than a princess.

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