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Mate Beds

Mate Beds

Mate beds are a lot like captain beds. Mate beds are actually virtually the same things as captain beds, pulling from the same pirate inspiration. Mate bed inspired pirates are everywhere these days, on screen in the movies, in the bookstore, in the toy store and so much more. If your son loves pirates, he'll love mate beds. What better way is there to please your child than to give his bedroom an exciting theme with mate beds. Pirate inspired mate beds express a theme that will thrill and inspire your kid. Plus, at Rooms To Go, we take safety very seriously, so every inch of your kid's mate beds is safe and secure. Mate beds designed with no hard edges, and only softened, rounded corners, he'll love sleeping every night like a Captain's mate in his mate bed! Good day mate he'll say sleeping in his mate bed. Most traditionally styled mate beds feature boat deck inspired wood stains. These beds may resemble the beds on a cruise ship or even a pirate ship! The mate beds may be designed with plank style wood to remind us of fun and exciting pirate ships. Or mate beds may have rope accents that you'd typically find on a nautical boat or ship. Regardless, if your son loves pirates, he'll love mate beds!

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