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Kids Bedroom Furniture

Kids Bedroom Furniture

Cottage furniture is a very popular style of kids bedroom furniture. Classic styling and clean lines make this a perfect choice for your child's bedroom furniture because this furniture grows with the child as they mature. Parents love the versatile traits of cottage styled kids furniture just as much as they love the idea that this furniture will not need to be replaced when their child grows into a teenager.

Historically cottage furniture, with its everlasting coastal appeal, was very popular from the mid to late 1800's in homes of East coast of America. After the Civil War was over luxury items became affordable again, and cottage furniture made a reemergence in furniture workshops. During that time, the now loved kids bedroom furniture inspiration, cottage furniture was also prevalent throughout homes on Martha's Vineyard among many other wealthy coastal towns in New England. However, due its popularity, cottage styled furniture was no longer found exclusively in affluent homes, much like today where there are many affordable cottage inspired pieces of kids bedroom furniture. Thus, well over 100 years ago, cottage furniture's introduction was made into many homes along the East Coast regardless of economic class.

Cottage furniture consisted, then and still today, of entire rooms of coordinating furniture. Cottage styled children's bedroom furniture has the same timeless appeal. You'll find kids bedroom furniture with carvings and decorations such like painted leaves and medallions. Most of this kids bedroom furniture has an attractive, clean and crisp painted finish. Popular kids bedroom furniture finish colors are white, off white, blue, green and even pink. If you fancy wood grain finishes, today, you can easily find cottage inspired kids bedroom furniture with natural appeal.

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