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Futon Bunk Bed

Futon Bunk Bed

The futon bunk bed we have come to know in America is loosed basely on futon designs originating in Japan. A very popular type of Japanese mattress inspired the bottom bunk of an American futon bunk bed. This Japanese style bed is sold in their local department stores. Unlike a futon bed in America, in Japan, futons are a mere 2 thick and sold with a comforter or a blanket and a bean filled pillow. Designed for floor placement, futons in Japan are stored in a closet when not in use. This is clearly not the case with American your futon, which was actually designed with the innovative versatility of a sofa that folds down into a bed. Another difference between an American futons and Japanese futons are that the Japanese hit their futons regularly with a bamboo tool similar to an American carpet beater.

There are more major differences between American futons and Japanese futons. Obviously, a futon bunk bed cannot realistically be stored away during the day. In American, the allure of a futon bed is that the lower bunk of a futon can be used as a bed or as a sofa. How versatile is a futon bunk bed? A futon bunk bed not only saves space, a futon bunk bed does much more. A futon bunk bed not only lends two beds, a futon bunk bed provides comfortable lounging space when the bottom bunk of the futon bunk bed is used as a sofa.

Also, the lower futon bunk of the futon bunk bed is filled with foam as well as several layers of batting. The futon in your is much thicker than its Japanese relative. A futon bunk bed is also quite often more affordable than the more traditional non futon beds, or regular bunk beds. Plus, futon bunk beds are much more versatile!

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