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Spaceship Beds

Spaceship Beds

If you're a boy, you will no doubt love spaceship beds! There's nothing more exciting for kids than outer space, and spaceship beds are out of this world choices for your son or daughter. The spaceship word in spaceship beds is another word for spacecraft and a great option for your kid's bedroom. Often UFOs, unidentified flying objects, are associated with outer space, or spaceship beds.

What fun a spaceship bed would be, considering a spacecraft is a vessel, craft or device designed to operate beyond the surface of the earth in outer space. Much like your spaceship beds, a spacecraft may either be unmanned or manned. Your son's spaceship beds, like spacecrafts, are designed for a variety of missions. Some of these spaceship bed missions may include communications, earth observations, meteorology, and navigation. You may even consider explaining to your son, in his spaceship bed, before sleep, all about planetary exploration, space tourism or space warfare.

Use your imagination to draw parallels between spaceship beds and spacecrafts to make the whole experience more exciting for your son! Spacecrafts, not unlike spaceship beds, are often used to describe artificial satellites. These artificial satellites orbit the earth, bringing back information, to your son sleeping tight in his spaceship bed. The word spacecraft, like spaceship, is also used often in works of science fiction.

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