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Buzz Lightyear Bed

Buzz Lightyear Bed

Your little one will love to have an adventurous Buzz Lightyear bed. You can even choose a bed with a bunk with a fun slide. You'll also find fabric panels with the popular Buzz character on the Buzz Lightyear bed. There are also brushed metal pieces on the bed that give it a futuristic look.

Give your child a fun bedroom by choosing a Buzz Lightyear bed. Your little one will love the fun slide that is available with a Buzz Lightyear bed. Plus there are plenty of cool Buzz Lightyear bed accessories to go with the Buzz bed. Coordinating items for the Buzz Lighyear bed include rugs, wall art and a desk and hutch.

Go to infinity and beyond with the Buzz Lightyear bed. This out of sight Buzz Lightyear bed has a top bunk with animated fabric panels. There is even a fun slide option that attaches to the Buzz Lightyear bed. So why not choose the Buzz Lightyear bed it's a bed that is filled with imagination.

Today's children's beds are so much fun. The Buzz Lightyear bed is no exception. This bed is perfect for also those little ones that love the movie Toy Story. The Buzz Lightyear bed features space age brushed metal pieces. Each bed has fabric panels with Buzz Lightyear in his outer space home. Plus with a Buzz Lightyear bed you can also choose a fun slide to get from the top bunk to the floor.

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