What is a bunkie board?

A bunkie board is a wooden frame covered in fabric, and at 1-2 inches in thickness, it sits beneath a mattress and above the bed slats. It helps support the bed, especially when a boxspring or other foundation, is not being used.

Why do I need a bunkie board?

Bunkie boards support a mattress and help prevent sagging over time.

Is a bunkie board required?

Bunkie boards are recommended for beds with under bed storage, roll out trundles, bunk beds, and any bed where a boxspring or other foundation is not being used. They are important as an additional safety feature that provides support, while also extending the life of your mattress. Bunkie boards are especially important for bunk beds, as they add support without the additional bulk and height of a boxspring.

How do I install a bunkie board?

Simply place the bunkie board on top of the bed slats, then place your mattress on top of the bunkie board.

Does a bunkie board come in different sizes?

Yes, they come in several sizes to accommodate a variety of bed sizes.

Why are bunkie boards sold separately?

Found under the “Customize This Room” section, bunkie boards are sold separately because you may already have one. Each bunkie board is the size of your bed, so we don’t require you to buy a new one each time you purchase a bed